• Company Overview

    Through analysis, measurement and evaluation, we provide precise analytical techniques for research and dealing with problems related to regional manufacturing, either for users, or at the manufacturing site: In other words, useful services for clients through precise analytical techniques. Furthermore, through analysis, measurement and evaluation we aim to help preserve and improve the local environment.

  • Description of Business

    This is a guide to the type of work being carried out at Kosai Test Laboratory. We provide a range of useful services for customers through techniques such as analysis and evaluation, environmental examination and consultational analysis.

  • Analysis and Evaluation

    This is a guide to the kind of analysis and evaluation performed at Kosai Test Laboratory. For surface analysis, foreign substance analysis, offensive smell analysis, car interior fabric evaluation and reliability assessments, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

  • Foreign Substance Analysis / Failure Analysis

  • Car Interior Fabric Evaluation

  • Reliability Assessments

    Reliability assessments can be performed using light resistance tests, weather resistance tests, salt spray tests, thermal shock tests etc.


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